Classic Panettone hand wrapped 750g

Augusta Panettoni was started in 1945 in Milan by a master pastry chef, custodian of the traditional "Panettone Milano" recipe. Today, as then, the master bakers at Augusta are the custodians of the secret of the special leavening agent, which it mixed with the best butter in Europe, exquisite candied fruits, and the best quality raisins, together with other first choice ingredients, in order to give life to this delicious 750g Classic Panettone. The dough is left to rise naturally, then cooked slowly and carefully and allowed to cool for a full twelve hours, giving the cake its unique taste and flavor.


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Panettone with raisins and candied fruits 750g, hand-wrapped in elegant paper.


Wheat flour, candied orange and citrus peels (orange and citrus peels, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidifying: citric acid), fresh eggs, sultanas, butter, sugar, fresh egg yolk, natural yeast (wheat), milk, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin, glucose syrup, flavors, cocoa butter, salt. May contain traces of nuts and soy.

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